Your Pet Wants You to Hire a Pet Sitter

Will you be kenneling your pet while traveling? You should reconsider and instead hire a pet sitter. Numerous benefits come with doing so, and your furry loved one will thank you!

Pet Sitter’s Provide More Comfort

Many animals thrive with a routine. They get used to their home and surroundings, and it can be very disorienting for them to be in an unfamiliar place like a kennel without their loved one by their side. When you hire a sitter, your pets get to stay at their home. While they will certainly miss you when you’re traveling, they will take comfort in having your scent and belongings around them.

Familiarity Over Time

Usually, the crew working at kennels and boarding facilities are animal lovers; they provide excellent care! However, these employees are generally underpaid; thus, these facilities have a high employee turnover rate. At a kennel, your pet’s caregivers may change regularly. Conversely, when you hire the same pet sitter for multiple travel occasions, your pet will get to know their sitter and develop a close bond with them. They will learn they can count on this person to care for them while you are away. Your regular pet sitter becomes part of your pet’s loved ones.

It is our experience that dogs especially become very bonded with their pet sitter, and they get excited to have time with the person they now view as a trusted friend. A sitter will make your pet feel more loved, comforted, and reassured than a boarding facility, and rates for the two services are comparable. The difference is that paying the pet sitter directly ensures that the person providing care receives full compensation for their work and time. It’s a win-win situation!

Boarding with a Pet Sitter

We recognize that in some circumstances boarding your dog is a must. You may be having house repairs done while you are away or turning off the utilities for a bit. In these situations, we recommend boarding your pet at a pet sitter’s home rather than a kennel.

Even though it is not the pet’s home, boarding at a sitter’s house has a more natural and homey feel for them than a kennel does. At Shore Pet Care, we do not crate your animal at any time unless you bring us a crate that they regularly use. We only crate if it is already part of your pet’s daily routine. When you board your dog at our home, we ask that you bring their favorite blankets, snacks, and toys so that they have a sense of familiarity. We stick with your pet’s feeding, exercise, and play routine because it provides grounding comfort while their favorite person is away. Usually, within a day or two, your pet feels right at home with us!

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