Insider Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Cape Cod’s Beaches

We know firsthand how enjoyable watching furbabies run on the beach is, so we’re bringing you a few helpful insider tips for taking your dog to the beaches of Cape Cod.

On-Season Usually Means Off-Limits

Every town on the Cape possesses different regulations regarding dogs being on the beach. Generally, dogs are not permitted on town beaches during the on-season, May through September. Some days will be too much of a scorcher for them out there, anyway. However, we see A LOT of playful pups on the Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown beaches after 6 pm to catch a sunset with their people and a romp with their fellow furfriends during summer months.

But Wait, There’s an Exception

Imagine this; you’re on vaca, and the summer heat is mild. You bought a sunbrella at a souvenir shop off of route 6 and have lots of water stocked up. You and your pup are both pining to hit the beach together. Well, you can! A little-known magical exception to the towns’ beach regulations is out in a sandy neverland called Cape Cod National Seashore. Leashed dogs are allowed on the National Seashore all year long! Do take notice; you must walk your dog beyond the lifeguard-protected areas. It’s usually just a quick walk until you reach your dog-friendly, sunshiney paradise.

Steer Clear of the Shorebirds

Please don’t say we didn’t warn you – you’ll need to keep your dog away from shorebird nesting areas. These areas will be tied off, and signs will be posted. While we don’t take particular offense to this transgression, the piping plover police absolutely do. You can find the official info on bringing your pet to the seashore here.

We hope you and your furbaby have a lovely time exploring and playing on the beaches of Cape Cod. Please get in touch with the Shore Pet Care team if you need pet care services while visiting. We look forward to speaking with you and hearing about your trip!